Senior Management Team

Gene Signal is run by an experienced and multi-disciplinary management team of leading angiogenesis scientists and established professionals from the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. The members of the management are also the private share holders of the company. They are dedicated and committed to the success of Gene Signal. They ensure Gene Signal scientific know-how, senior operational, financial and marketing skills, expertise in new product development and product pipeline validation as well as senior contacts with global pharmaceutical groups and regulatory bodies.

Eric Viaud, Chief Executive Officer

Eric is one of the companyís founders. He is the current CEO of the company. His leadership has successfully brought the company from the drug discovery phase to the current clinical development phases. Eric has a demonstrated track record as a biotech entrepreneur, having successfully overseen and led the development of several Biotech start-up ventures. He is currently an Advisor and Board Member of various biotech companies in Europe. Eric began his career in the Pharmaceuticals Industry and then later moved to Medical Devices.  He has held Senior Management positions in the field of sales & marketing, licensing, strategic alliances and medical and R&D. He also has extensive experience in the regulatory &  reimbursement fields. Eric holds a Master Degree in Clinical Psychopathology from the University of Bordeaux (France).

Dr. Eric Thorin, Chief Development Officer

Eric is one of the companyís founders. Eric directs the Companyís drug development work and has successfully steered Gene Signalís leading products  through several drug development phases. Eric is a recognized international expert in the field of vascular mechanisms and CVD. He is Associate Professor of Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montreal and a senior researcher at the Montreal Heart Institute. He  was formerly Head of Cardiovascular Pharmacology of Actelion Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland). Eric has received the 1996 Young Investigator Award from the International Society of  Hypertension, the 1997 Jonathan Ballon Award of the Quebec Heart & Stroke Foundation and the 1999 MacDonald Award of the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Marta Gehring, BD&L and Chief Marketing Officer

Marta joins Gene Signal as Chief Marketing Officer focusing her efforts on late stage projects. She guides all aspects of Gene Signalís medical marketing strategy and is currently successfully steering Ophthalmic applications to bring Gene Signalís first products to market. Marta brings experience from the Biotechnology and Medical Device industries and has held senior positions in strategic planning, operational marketing and sales management. From the upstream perspective, Marta  has a successful track record of collaborating with clinical departments to devise and execute strategic clinical trials, as well as in concluding landmark publications in key journals on trial results and treatment guidelines. 

Antoine Ferry, Chief Medical Officer

Antoine is Gene Signalís Chief Medical Officer responsible for the companyís clinical development strategy. He has played a leading role in the new product development process through successful clinical and regulatory management. Antoine is a biotech entrepreneur with a proven track record in the field of biotechnology. His outstanding work was recognized in 2001 by a National Master Prize (ANVAR 2001). Antoine is also the Board Member of several biotechnology firms. Antoine brings Gene Signal a vast experience in the fields of business development, pharmacology and regulatory. He holds Masters in Clinical Pharmacology, Experimental Pharmacology and Medical Statistics and has over 15 international publications to his name.