Gene Signal


Patient Advocacy for Orphan Ophthalmic Angiogenesis Based Diseases

At Gene Signal, we are committed to supporting members of the ophthalmic orphan diseases communities by searching for new and better therapies to manage orphan conditions where angiogenesis plays a dominant role. 

We are dedicated to investing in research and initiating clinical trials in the management of these conditions as well as dedicated to providing useful information and resources to help manage the daily challenges of living with these conditions.

In this section of the Gene Signal web site, you will find valuable information about Corneal Graft Rejection, the first orphan ophthalmic angiogenesis-based indication in which we are actively developing an investigational drug program. Included is information about 1) the condition, 2) our investigational drug and its status in clinical research, 3) external resources & services that are available to support you and your loved ones 4) helpful information on orphan drugs.