GENE-MAAP platform

Gene Discovery Platform

Gene Signalís patented gene discovery platform GENE-MAAP (GENE Signal Multiple Angiogenesis, Angiostatic Platform), streamlines the  identification process of genes exclusively involved in the regulation of angiogenesis.  Gene Signal researchers are leveraging this proprietary scientific platform to conduct targeted drug development of antisense oligonucleotides across a variety of disease areas.

GENE-MAAP allows Gene Signal to single out genes that are exclusively linked to the angiogenic and angiostatic process, taking into account a variety of factors including inhibiting and inducing factors, extra-cellular matrix and human endothelial cells. GENE-MAAP identifies both the gene coding for the regulatory factors of angiogenesis and the coding for the cell constituents involved in the regulation of angiogenesis, thus allowing Gene Signal to identify highly specific targets.